Thursday, March 3, 2011


MUNDOK (THAILAND): It is but a small village on the Thai side of Golok river but Mundok is already outshining the established towns of Sungai Golok and Takbai.

Mundok is the latest shopping haven, and has been drawing thousands of Malaysians each week over the past two years.

Lying just a few minutes by boat from the village of Bukit Lata near Rantau Panjang, Mundok consists of several rows of shophouses and wooden huts. There are also stalls selling various products. 

The village was established more than 10 years ago but has only recently gained popularity. 

The daily market, which opens from at 8am to 5pm, stocks almost everything, including fish, meat, vegetables, clothes, cooking utensils, blankets and pet birds.

The busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays, the weekend for Kelantan, and during the school holidays. 

Many Malaysians prefer going to Mundok as it is relatively safe compared with Sungai Golok, which has been rocked by several bomb attacks since the unrest in the southern provinces of Thailand began in 2004.


*picture credit to enchek google*

Motif entri ni sebenarnya sebab kat lab tadi sempat berbicara pasal tempat ni nga akak lab n coursemate...
Dorang janji nak bawak datang sini tapi tak tetapkan lagi harinya bila...
Kalo tak silap, hari isnin dengan jumaat mundok market bukak...
Kata mereka, barang barang kat sini murah....
Ohhoo, bila dengar murah je terus melompat nak pergi...huhuhu..
Oh korang, cepatlah ye decide bila nak pergi...
Aku dah tak sabar ni nak melawat Thailand..

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